Entertainment-Education for Health Behaviour Change

Chima E Onuekwe

Entertainment-education methods have been used for centuries to impart knowledge, traditions, and moral guidance. Today, researchers are discovering the power of entertainment-education strategies to affect the outcomes of socio-political and economic development programmes including health and education. Entertainment-education for Health Behaviour Change: Issues and Perspectives in Africa is a collection of essays from some of the leading scholars in entertainment-education, including writers from South Africa, Nigeria, and the United States. Chapters cover a wide range of application and strategies for entertainment-education, from mass media campaigns to participatory communication for behaviour change in health interventions including polio eradication and HIV/AIDS. Through reviews of past programmes and discussions of areas of potential research, these scholars highlight an emerging approach that is set to change health education and behaviour change strategies around the world. Peer Reviewers Professor Lucia Dura of the University of Texas at El Paso, USA John Riber of Media Development International, Tanzania Dr. Akashorun Lekkan, Lagos State University, Ojo, Nigeria Dr. Julita C. Maradzika, Health Promotion specialist, University of Zimbabwe Dr. Chinyere Okam, Theatre for Development specialist and Dr. Okidu Onjefu, Development Communication specialist, Caleb University, Lagos, Nigeria.